rhymes with lust
Ken Gale is reporting that writer Arnold Drake passed away today from pneumonia and septic shock. Drake is best known for his work on DEADMAN, DOOM PATROL and X-MEN and his early graphic novel IT RHYMES WITH LUST, recently reprinted by Dark Horse.

We’ll have more on Drake’s passing tomorrow.


  1. One of the most creative minds in comics. Please use this sad occasion as a reminder to reread some of his work. Far ahead of his time.

  2. Damnit.

    Makes me glad I went to a panel he was on last SDCC.

    Interviewing him (and having a lovely and fun conversation with his late wife) several years ago was a real treat.

    He was a delighfully unvarnished cantankerous (in the good way) fellow and I’m going to miss going to panels for the purpose of waiting for him to let loose with a zinger.

  3. Awwww. I was putting off buying the third Doom Patrol archives, but off to Amazon I go…
    I always heard those were great, then finally go the first two… and when you read them in big chunks, there really is this palpable weirdness, and its super hero comics …. on the small scale, charmingly bizarre stuff…

  4. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Drake at Wondercon 2005. We chatted a bit and he signed my Doom PAtrol Archive Vol 1. Fresh, witty, and an eye witness to the comic world of the last fifty years.
    Does anyone have a link to his songs at SDCC 2005?

  5. He was at NYCC just two weeks ago sitting with his good friend Irwin Hasen. He was always friendly at these shows, but never hid his sharp wit. His creations, The Doom Patrol, Deadman (and X-Men???) were not run of the mill, but unique. He will be missed.