Corey Murphy, formerly of Laughing Ogre,  has joined Image as director of retail sales and will be working with comics shops on retail issues. Image hasn’t had anyone on staff to deal with this specific job function in a little bit, but obviously it’s a huge growth area for them.

I don’t know Murphy personally, but I know Laughing Ogre, a three store chain in Virginia and Ohio, is considered one of the more forward looking retailers around so I’m sure she comes very well trained.


  1. Image comics and retailers are gaining an amazingly bright and hard working woman. We all miss her energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis, I expect her to do an exceptional job in her new position.

  2. Congratulations to Corey Murphy! Image has great support from stores, so it’s a good move on their part to have someone who’s directly overseeing that effort, who knows it from the retailer side. I’ve heard great things about Laughing Ogre & since I’m in VA, I should go check ’em out.

    *points up* Hey Brian, what, are you a jilted ex of Ms. Murphy’s, or something? What kinda B.S. comment is that?

    *scoots over to Brian’s website*’s some’s called: “Does the Marvel Cinematic Universe Need a Female-Lead Movie?”; a column praising “JL8”, some video game, you’re also a pop-commentator / blogger, like Ms. Beat..?

    Why the harsh words for Ms. Murphy?

  3. Oh, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Corey and I are friends and she knew what I meant by my comment. I was saying that she is incredibly driven and ambitious and if she were in a cage with a bear she would wreck the bear if it meant selling comics she cares about.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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