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Fresh off the news that his AMULET gn is getting the movie treatment, Kazu Kibuishi’s long running COPPER webcomic has been sold to Scholastic, ICv2 reports.

The Copper collection, planned for Spring 2010, will include both existing and new material. It will be released in both trade paperback and library hardcover editions. Judith Hansen of Hansen Literary Agency represented Kibuishi.

We would guess that the huge success of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID has webcomics on many book editors’ radar these days (yes yes it is not really a webcomic, but creator Jeff Kinney usually refers to it as such), and the idea of putting out a book based on something that people have been reading free for years is not really so daunting at all. Ya hear that?

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  1. The kids, who will be the main target audience for Copper, as they are for Amulet, mostly have no clue that the books originated on the web. I ran a Scholastic Book Fair over the past 7 days, in which both volumes of Diary of a Wimpy Kid sold out, and Amulet almost did (1 copy left). When I mentioned the web comic origins, no one had heard of them. Maybe our little Roman Catholic private school is insulated from many worldly things, I don’t know (although I, the librarian, certainly am not). But the books sold very well. I anticipate the same for Copper. For one thing, as soon as the book is published, I’ll be booktalking it. In our school, the volumes of Bone (the color editions) are the top circulating books in the entire library collection. Oh yeah, the Bone volumes, especially Old Man’s Cave and Ghost Circles, sold very well too.

  2. This is the way of the future. Many publishers will Google future properties that have a proven audience with daily hits. Copper is one of those superior strips out there for some time. Hard work will result gold at the end of the rainbow. The Flight book has exposed many a great talent out there, and their books get better each year. Way to go. There is still more talent out there still untapped.

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