Mangamo collage manga app

Reading manga online has not always been easy – or legal – but an app that launched today aims to fix that. Mangamo is a new mobile based app that gives you access to more than 300 manga series – including massive hits such as Attack on Titan – for only $4.99 a month. Many of the titles have never been legally available in English before.

Bonus: can sign up for a free 60 day trial!

The app was started by a group of US and Japanese investors and is run by longimte US manga expert Dallas Middaugh, who has held influential positions at Random House, Viz and Crunchyroll. He’ll serve as executive editor at Mangamo.

Digital manga has long been available but Japanese publisher were slow to embrace it – leading to the proliferation of  illegal “scanlation” sites that are sometimes run by fans but other times rack up hundreds of thousands of views. In recent years, more and more legal digital manga has become available, as publisher came to the conclusion that the only way to fight scanlation sites was to offer their own legal digital products.

According to Middaugh, quoted in an extensive story in PW, in Japan, digital makes up more than 50% of manga sale. He hopes the service will reach manga readers but also anime fans who want to experience the source material, and pop culture fans in general.

According to PW:

The new service is designed to be read on iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) and the interface allows the reader to scroll vertically or horizontally. And there’s a simple fee structure: all you can read for $4.99 per month with no ads and no upcharges. Mangamo is strictly a subscription service and with no option to purchase single volumes.

Middaugh credited the launch of the new service to the popularity of the subscription access model with young fans and to the continuing threat of digital piracy. Indeed, the relentless availability of bootleg manga indicates the commercial strength of the category. “Rampant piracy shows unmet demand,” Middaugh said.

Other executives involved include CEO Buddy Marini, formerly CEO of Hulu Japan, and business manager Yusuke Sasano.

Speaking for myself as a shut in, the manga habit of giving the elevator pitch in the title – Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant, How I Lost My Large Intestine, I’m Not Interested in Your Isekai Fantasy! – is a delightful one and my stay at home time just got a lot more interesting!

Here’s a list of the series currently available – more partnerships will be announced soon, Middaugh said.

Titles as of April 15:

29-Year-Old in the Service Industry

52Hz Hertz Travel Agency

A Classroom Bereft of Angels

A Sea Breeze from Antares

A Transparent Fever

A Wish


Ai in the AI

Akatsuki Babies!

An Impossible Romance With You

Angel of Medicine!

Another Side of You

Apples of the Queen


Astrological Story

Attack on Titan


Battle Angel Alita

Belial Lady



Bloody Steam

Broken Planet

Byakko: White Tiger

Canvas Under the Overpass

Changing Fates

Chika’s Forest

Conditions of the Wicked

Control Love

Daily Meteor Strike

Dead or Strike

Deadly Paradise

Death Support Center

Department of Demon Resources


Different Nation

Do It or Die

Dragon Eye

Dreams Take Flight

Dropkick on My Devil!

Ekikoi: The Young Miss Falls for the Station Attendant


Eternity of Creation

Fairytale Farce



Fire Force

Float City

Full Moonlight


Go to Helln

Gourmet Glutton

Great Ming Detectives


Haita the Invisible

Haruko Unbreakable!


Hinako’s My Wife?!

Horror at Doll’s Village

House of High Stakes

How I Lost My Large Intestine

Hunt or Hunted

I Fell in Love So I’m Streaming It

I Wanna Be Your Girl

I’m Not Interested in Your Isekai Fantasy!

Immortal Undertaker

In Another World… with Champagne!!!

Into the Labyrinth

Invasion: RPG

It All Ends In Summer

Kanata & Konata

KareMane! My Boyfriend is My Manager


Kitty’s Diaries



Leave it to Sero!

Leaving Our Truths to the Shooting Stars

Life-saver Jailbreak: Doctor Enma

Living with the Insects

Love Portrait

Loving Yamada at Lv999!


Maison Q

Maria x Maria

Masuda’s Got A Hold on Shibata

Matching Our Answers

Me, Myself, & Incomplete

Memento Memori

Miasma Theory

Mourning Demon

My Childhood Friend is a Vengeful Ghost

My Evil Stepbrother

My Girlfriend Sneers Beautifully

My Little, Stray Cat

Nice to Meat You: The Origin of Food



On Shattered Ground

On Walpurgis Night

One Shot Killer


Pacified Storm

Parallel Lanes


Pen Love

Primo Secundo

Purple Flower Under The Moonlight

Red Beast

Repeating Your End Together

Reset Game

Ring a Bell

S – You and Me and Destiny

Seize the Flowers of Love

Seven Edge



Snake Eyes

Somali and the Forest Spirit

Summer Hero


Super Food Bowl

Swallowed by the Kotatsu

Sweet Pain

Sweet Seduction: Under the Same Roof with The Guy I Hate

The Beginning of the End

The Happiness Street in District Zero

The Kindness of Death

The Last Sane Person in Crazytown

The Little Succulents

The Original Doll

The Peculiar Room

The Shinsengumi

The Vampires Next Door

The Voice of Tsukumo

Tokyo Dragon Knight

Tsukumogami Karuta: Cards of the 99 Gods




White Rose of Frankenstein

White Tiger

Who Wants to Play?

Witch Sister

Yasura’s Kitchen

You Guys Are All Annoying!

You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me!