As long as we’re rolling out all our Con Wars stories, here’s one that’s confirmed from multiple sources: part of the stipulation for WWE wrestlers to appear at Wizard World shows is for TNA wrestlers NOT to appear. Lisa Marie Varon talks about this in the above video, saying she was set to appear at Wizard World Chicago, but was called and told not to come at the last minute. Varon wrestled in the WWE as Victoria, and currently appears in TNA as Tara.


WWE champ (and big time comics nerd) CM Punk has been appearing at many recent Wizard Worlds, (including next weekend’s Wizard World Ohio). a major commitment from the WWE, so it’s not too surprising that they demand wrestlers from the competing fed could not appear. Unsurprising, but kinda petty, nonetheless.

The ban does not extend to unaligned wrestlers however—which means you’ll be able to spend some quality time with Virgil after all!

BONUS FUN FACT: Varon is the sister in law of cartoonist Sara Varon! It’s true!