With the successful completion of the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this past weekend, the New York con scene has finally rolled up its carpet and winterized the boats. But for those of you who just can’t get enough wandering around a room filled with longboxes and husky men named Paulie, you are in luck! YOU only have two months to wait until the next show! February 27th will see an all-new comics show take place:Mike Carbo’s New York Comic Book Marketplace.

Given the generous hints — quotes about the the Big Apple Con and, oh okay, the name Mike Carbo itself — it’s easy to see this is a continuation of the old Big Apple cons, a dealer-friendly show in the old timey comics collector tradition. It’s MIke Carbonaro, of course, who sold the Big Apple name to Gareb Shamus, but he’s free to run a non competitive show and this is it.

But just to wrap up everything about the past year in New York cons in one bright, shiny, sweaty package, wait until you see the venue for the new NYCBM?


That’s right, the dark edifice that saw MoCCA attendees drowning in lakes of their own sweat this past June when air conditioning proved too costly for the show runners!

Now, we can’t say that it will be hot and sweaty at the Armory on the 27th of February — it’s the dead of winter after all. And they must have heaters in there, as they run a full slate of shows all winter. So this time we’ll get to see what the venue is like when you aren’t reliving various scenes from Lawrence of Arabia.


  1. mike carbo has had great shows and some bad ones over the years, but it’s funny, i’ve enjoyed his smaller shows more than his larger ventures. i guess it’s the old school feel that the smaller shows have, as opposed to the vastness of having a show in a room the size of an air hanger ( tho’ i do enjoy the new york con/ javits shows. by the way, that wisecrack about longboxes and husky dudes named paulie really cracked me up and you’re absolutely right about the heat the armory is gonna produce at this next show. it’ll probably rival the sweat levels of st.paul’s church basement where carbo used to hold his shows years ago.

  2. While the idea of another show in NYC is great in theory, my first thought was “UGH. The Armory?” However, it’s easier to layer to get warm. One can only take off so much in the sweltering heat…so I hope the time of year makes a difference.

    My second thought is: I just went to the NCBM website and tried to sign up on the mailing list, and the “page was not found.” That + venue = not inspiring much confidence yet.

  3. Hi, does anyone know if artists are attending this con? I spoke to Carbo briefly but I’m still trying to get a feel on whether this is a “longbox-only” con or will an artist
    alley be present. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. as of this writing (1/17), if you go to the carbo website you’ll see that there is indeed a list of artist attending the con. mostly the usual suspects that show up to the carbo shows.

  5. Well, despite the snow and a last-minute change in venue (from the Armory to the Penn Plaza Pavilion, where Carbo has held many Big Apple shows) the NYCBM went off well, I thought. All the old, hardcore, big-ticket comic book dealers seemed to be there, along with a healthy selection of mid-level dealers and 4-for-a-dollar boxes. A very lively artist’s alley with a broad range of comic book legends and indie artists combined with a small high-quality program of panels made for a very worthwhile event to be at.

    I know that many of the comics dealers did very well. For instance, I had my eye on a Miracleman #16. of which there were four in the room at the beginning of the day, selling for $35. At 4 PM I got the last one.

    Anone out there got any thoughts about the event?