SThe 2010 San Diego Comic-Con has updated its website with the first list of guests:

Sergio Aragonés
Brian Michael Bendis
Berkeley Breathed
Kurt Busiek
Chris Claremont
Mark Evanier
Matt Fraction
Nicholas Gurewitch
Keith Knight
Jim Lee
Stan Lee
Paul Levitz
Larry Marder
Carla Speed McNeil
China Miéville
Robert M. Overstreet
Douglas E. Richards
James Sturm
C. Tyler

— several webcomickers there, so maybe a special focus?

Also, although it pains us to remind you, Hoteloween is coming! Contrary to what some people said, The Hyatt is on the hotel list, but the HQ hotels this year are the Marriott and the new Hilton. In fact, according to the website:

There are more hotels available than ever before. This year’s block includes 38 hotels, with 24 of them on the Comic-Con Shuttle route (mainly downtown) and an additional 14 in Mission Valley and the Mission Bay/SeaWorld areas. The Mission Valley hotels, while not serviced by the Comic-Con Shuttle, have the advantage of proximity to the San Diego MTS Trolley line, which will deliver you directly to the Convention Center, with two stops across the street from the building. These hotels also offer the advantage of leaving your car behind and avoiding the added cost and hassle of finding parking downtown.

Also new this year — YOU WILL GET CHARGED A DEPOSIT FOR THE FIRST NIGHT. So no booking five rooms and holding on to them to give out to your friends. Deposits are fully refundable up until May 15th, and after that, there is a $75 charge. After June 18th, NO REFUNDS ON THE DEPOSIT.

So, looks like the convention organizers are doing something about the horror that is Hoteloween. Will it help? Or has it all spiraled out of control? We’ll report back on March 19th.


  1. A quick look at Google Maps shows clusters of hotels down near Chula Vista and National City. Take the trolley, or I-5. Or grab a group and rent a dorm room at the Youth Hostel at Fifth and Market.

  2. Relocate to San Diego with your day job. Buy the new Ted Rall book and pick up members of the opposite sex to host you each day of the con. Exhibit at one of the shows between now and then and use that time to build a trap door and tunnel to a space underneath the convention center. Helicopter in.

  3. And any of the motels on El Cajon Blvd. should be good for comics fans who’d want a more cheaper and um, urban SD vacation experience…

  4. I always wondered about that trolley line. In soo many pictures it just seemed the perfect place to end up. Now, I guess it really does have a purpose for the con! :D

  5. Stay two blocks from a trolley stop and get a room with a full size furnished balcony overlooking the San Diego Big Bay. Free Wifi in rooms, which also works out on the balcony. Holiday Inn San Diego – On the Bay is only 1 mile from the convention center.