I’m here at the Ignatzes where the shortest award show on the planet is held, and the room is PACKED. SRO as always, and nearly all the winners were on hand. The emcee was New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly and she had chosen all cartoonists who are women as presenters, which was extremely refreshing.

Outstanding Mini Comic: The End of the Fucking World by Chuck Forsman, (Presented by Becky and Frank)
Outstanding Story: “Gold Star,” John Martz (presented by Jan Vaughn)
Outstanding Comic: Pope Hats #3 by Ethan Rilly (presented by Carol Tyler)
Outstanding Anthology: Very Casual by Michael DeForge (presented by Ulli Lust)
Most Promising New Talent: Sam Alden (presented by Raina Telgemeier)
Outstanding Online Comic: SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki (presented by Kate Leth)
Outstanding Series: Lose by Michael DeForge (presented by Mikhaela Reid)
Outstanding Graphic Novel: Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life by Ulli Lust (presented by Lucy Knisley)
Outstanding Artist: Michael DeForge (presented by Rutu Modan)
As usual it was a brief night full of support for all the nominees. And then to the fountain of chocolate and the Beer-ritas.


  1. All women presenters? Are there that many women working in comics? How did they ever assemble them all?

  2. For those griping about the state of Marvel and DC, would it be too much to ask that they sample some Lust, Forsman or DeForge?

  3. I’ve always considered the Ignatz to be the most important awards.
    A bit like a comics biennial.

  4. Nate: “sample some Lust” doesn’t read in type the way it sounds in words.

    Anyway that’s a false equivalency. People read MDC comics because they like that aesthetic. Even though I like DeForge (for example), he doesn’t replace my interest in Samnee (for example). What you are saying is akin to someone complaining about how bad “The Expendables” movie was and then recommending that the watch “Amour” instead. It’s not the answer sought. The person just wants a better action movie.

    Also I dislike the implication that artcomics should be described as being in opposition by nature to superhero comics. I dislike the tendency to describe by negation rather than by affirmation. “Artcomics” is a better word than “alternative comics” for that reason. Describing a style by identifying what it is rather than what it is not.

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