ComiXology sent out a little horn tooting this morning, but it was deserved. The Comics by comiXology iOS app charted as iTunes’ #1 Top Grossing non-game iPad App for 2013 and ranked #11 overall.  

They also released some new stats: they have served over 6 billion pages of comic books and graphic novels – up from 2 billion pages this time last year.

So four billion comics pages served in 2013.

While comics ranked behind such tablet powerhouses as the Ken-Nordine powered Candy Crush Saga, Clash of the Clans (join my alliance!) and Hay Day, it still beat out The New York Times, Minecraft, Pandora, People Magazine, The New Yorker and so on.

When Comixology rolls out stats such as the four billion pages served above, many folks wonder if this includes a lot of “free” content—undoubtedly it does, but Comixology’s ranking on the iPad app list for 2013 shows it sold a lot of comics as well, and why comics have captured the attention of all the digital giants.

“In a billion dollar marketplace with competition between over a million apps, it’s gratifying to rank as the Top Grossing non-game iPad App in the entire iTunes App Store,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger in a statement.

They also noted that they powered all three Top 100 ranking book apps, representing 14% of the non-game apps in the entire 2013 iPad Top 100 Grossing list.


  1. Curious if you know if they are just looking at transactions going through their itunes store? The reason I ask is because my kids and I use the apple app version of Comixology on two iPad Minis and an iPod touch but don’t pay through itunes. We login and pay directly through my Comixology account. I would imagine a lot of people do it that way since, itunes is a pain in the ass.

  2. So… how many comics does that Four. Billion. DOLLARS. (oops… sorry… Dr. Evil snuck in there…) Pages represent?

    Is it an average of 20 pages per issue? Then we’re talking 200 million comics.
    Since it includes trades, is the average closer to 100 ppi? Then 40 Million comics.
    (Mr. Miller, how many comics were shipped to the Direct Market in 2013? “The Top 300 Comics each month sold 77.91 million copies”)

    That’s pretty significant.

    Meanwhile… what’s Disney doing with that digital comics patent they acquired from CrossGen?

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