ComiXology Originals has announced Breaklands; its latest miniseries, written by Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode), with art from Tyasseta, colors by Sarah Stern (Star Wars) and letters by Rachel Deering (In The Dark). It joins the expanding slate that currently includes hits like Delver, Stone King, The Pride and more.

Breaklands follows Kasa Fain, a young woman who’s unique in her world. Kasa in one of very few people in this post-apocalyptic far future that does not have a super power of any kind. That makes life even more difficult in her journey to find her recently kidnapped brother. Until her brother went missing, Kasa was comfortable staying in hiding, away from potential danger. But, she has to throw all that behind her if she wants to find her brother.

Over five issues, Breaklands will examine a world that was destroyed as soon as humans began developing psychic abilities, ranging from being able to light a match to “reshaping the world.” According to Jordan, it was important during the world building process to make this comic stand out from others in the genre. Rather than barren landscapes, Tyasseta and Stern will depict an environment that has since recovered from the forces that destroyed it. He adds that “there’s plenty of high action, colorful new cultures, and weird creatures.”

“When you think of the post apocalypse, you usually don’t think of bright colors and high adventure,” ComiXology’s Head of Content Chip Mosher adds. “Breaklands is a fun, fast-paced story chock full of great characters. Tyasseta’s unique style andSarah Stern’s colors really showcase the new cultures, weird creatures and world building Jordan has dreamed up.”

Breaklands #1 goes live on September 4 for $2.99; although, like all ComiXology Originals, anyone with Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited or ComiXology Unlimited is able to read for free.

breaklands #1