It’s the end of the year and people are being promoted – and it’s all very well deserved!

• At DC, Andrea Shea has been promoted to editor in the Multiverse group, as she tweeted.  She also explained that “It’s kind of a nebulous title, so worth clarifying that the Multiverse Group houses Black Label, imprints like Hill House or Milestone, and the occasional DCU limited or special project. Which is why I love Multiverse—it allows me to build and flex all kinds of editorial muscles!”

Paul Kaminski has been promoted to Senior Editor of the Superman Group. “Very excited to announce that I am the new Senior Editor in charge of the Superman Group here at @dccomics— I’m so excited to soar into this new position alongside an amazing editorial team & talent. Thanks to Ben and Marie for always being in my corner — up, up & away!

• At Marvel, Alanna Smith has been promoted to Editor in the Avengers office. (At DC, they are groups; at Marvel, they are an office.)

• And Emily Newcomen has been promoted to Associate Manager, Talent Relations.

• Over at First Second, Kiara Valdez has been promoted to Editor.

• And via Newsarama, a bunch of promotions and a hire at Heavy Metal as they expand their Virus line of creator-owned comics.

Keith Champagne has been hired as editor of the Virus imprint. Although many know him as an artist, he has also worked as project manager at Ominous Press, editor-in-chief of Space Goat, and co-founder of his own publishing venture, 5th Dimension Comics.

• Chief sales officer Kris Longo is now also associate publisher. He’ll work on various aspects of business development, including international.

• And finally, Morgan Rosenblum has moved to the position of managing editor/art director.

Rosenblum and Longo will continue to work with CEO Matthew Medney, executive editor Joseph Illidge and publisher David Erwin.

Whew! Hearty congrats to all — this is a great wave of editors and business folks who will continue to move the comics industry into an exciting future.