In case you missed it, yesterday retailer Brian Hibbs’ long running Tilting at Windmills column has found a new home here at The Beat after a long run at Comic Book Resources.

Augie De Blieck Jr’s long running Pipeline column has also moved: the regular column will run at Comicbook.com and he’s just launched his own site Pipeline Comics:

The Status is Quo
First of all, Pipeline Commentary and Review will continue as it always has on Tuesdays.  ComicBook.com is the place to go to find that every week.  I’ll be linking to it from here every week as well.  The status there is quo.  You’ll get current reviews, thought pieces, and the kind of stuff that’ll appeal most to the audience at that site.
The format and scope of the column leaves a lot of room to write about other kinds of stuff on my own, and I’m finally going to pursue that here.  At this site, I’ll be writing about everything that doesn’t fit into the regular Tuesday column there.  That includes longer series, longer format pieces, occasionally more timely pieces, looks back at old columns, videos, podcasts, random images, etc. etc.
(Wait, did I just say “podcasts”?  That’s in development.  You’ll have to wait a little while longer for that.)

Congrats to Augie for going it alone on the darkling plain, swept with confused alarms of struggle and Alpha Flight. I didn’t reach out to CBR for any discussion of why they were dropping columns, but it’s plainly the result of the new ownership and that’s okay. Goals and strategies change on the darkling plain. 

But not all columns are ending or moving. I’ve confirmed that Joe Illidge’s column “The Mission” is continuing on a weekly basis. And the number-crunching Mayo Report by John Mayo seems to be ongoing.

The story here isn’t that huge, but it’s another sign of “legacy” comics media going away or evolving. I’m thrilled to have Brian’s column here, and while I won’t be hosting his archives, we are going to make a special archive of his Bookscan analysis columns. That will be going live in a little bit, so you’ll be able to data mine to your heart’s content. As pointed out, the internet is far from forever, and keeping important information available if part of why I keep on doing the Beat year after year.