Not only is comics blogging still alive, but so is PRINT comics criticism! Zainab Akhtar, formerly of Comics & Cola and now of Short Box, is launching a Kickstarter for Critical Chips, a print magazine of comics criticism by some of today’s most important writers. The zine will contain both essays and comics, with a cover by Sophia Foster-Dimino.

Critical Chips is a 55-page, perfect-bound, full-colour, A5 zine that gathers new writing from 10 of comics most vital and engaging contemporary commentators. Subject topics are wide and varying, from examining the ending of Tite Kubo’s Bleach to The Question and corporatisation; the secularisation of Satan to queerness in Krazy Kat; creator self care to comics academia; Jessica Jones to omake; Copra to the curious joy to be found in imperfect work. Each essay is between 1500-2500 words, with work from:
• David Brothers
• JA Micheline
• Claire Napier
• Whit Taylor
• Joe McCulloch
• Juliet Kahn
• Kelly Kanayama
• Annie Mok
• Kim O’Connor
• Zainab Akhtar
With a gorgeous cover and spot illustrations by the fantastic Sophia Foster-Dimino, it also includes a new 6-page comic by Sophie Franz, all laid out and designed majestically by Dan Berry. All the essays, comics, and art for Critical Chips have been completed in full, and the zine is ready and waiting to be sent off to the printers.

Given the art samples and the quality of the two Short Boxes Akhtar has produced, it’s safe to say this
will be a handsome edition.

A print + digital bundle is £9 in the UK, and even with shipping, about $18 in the US (thanks for lowering the pound, Brexit!).


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