Last night Bosch Fawstin, the former-Muslim-turned-anti-jihadist crusader, was quizzed on The Daily Show regarding his alarm over Nightrunner, Batman’s parkour-practicing Muslim French sidekick. Aasif Mandvi does the interviewing, and he also gets Chris Sims (one ‘m’) from Comics Alliance to explain what’s happening from a comics blogger point of view.


Shockingly, the segment is very funny. Fawstin has his take on it here, and rather than getting in a foment, wisely praises the segment for selling more copies of his upcoming GN, THE INFIDEL, about a jihadist-hunting superhero named Pigman. Fawstin, who now claims the objectivist creed as his own, has a website filled with “interesting” essays about the Jihad threat and why the only good Muslims are Muslims who aren’t really that religious. Where was this guy during the Crusades?

If you’re too lazy to watch the video, Rich Johnston has a transcript.


  1. Chris was great, but the fact that an entire segment was devoted to a heavy in-continuity thread of contemporary comics lore was delightful.

  2. “Chris is a racist pig”

    i think you have your people mixed up here—you are referring to Fawstin, not Chris Sims, right?

    cause if not, you are way wrong…

  3. Crusades??? How long ago was that? Thats such an idiotic comment. Stop defending muslims at every chance you get at the expense of everyone else.

  4. @matthew s
    you sound like a guy a few hundred from now saying “the holocaust? how long ago was that?” the fact of the matter is that in the holocaust and crusades way too many people died for no good damn reason. maybe if we had more people in ALL religions “who aren’t really that religious”, there would be a little less hate going on in the world. thanks for letting me rant.

  5. I know it was a joke, but free running / Parkour is awesome. Go check out District B-13 for some awesome if plain clothes Parkour superheroes.

    Now I don’t like his views on lumping all Muslims in with the radicals. That’s like blaming all Americans for Vietnam atrocities.. or for wars in the middle, which is exactly what the radical Muslims do.

    Yet Fawstin is an amazing artist. I happened upon his prior book in a stack of indie books at a lcs recently. It was actually autographed. Nabbed that up. Like Neil Adams with his expanding earth or Ditko with his militant objectivism (who Fawstin is a fan of), I enjoy their work despite and maybe even because of their boffo different views than mine.

  6. Actually, if DC really wanted to sell Nightrunner, they could do a real cool motion comic showing off NR’s parkour skills. Still images of a little guy in a ninja outift posing like Spider-Man just won’t do it quite that well. ;)

  7. “If you’re too lazy to watch the video”

    That is a… less than tactful way of putting things.

    Firstly, Rich made it clear he provided the transcript for people who can’t watch the video due to rights restrictions – that is, everyone outside of the USA.

    Secondly, there are plenty of hearing-impaired people out there who can’t watch videos so rely on the rare times when transcripts are provided to understand what’s happening.

    So, yeah. Way to make people who can’t watch the video feel like second-class citizens. Perhaps next time you could manage a better phrasing.