[We’re cleaning off our desk, and finding all these comics we meant to write about but never did, so maybe we’ll just group ’em up.]


THE SHARK KING by R. Kikuo Johnson (out now).


XOC by Matt Dembicki (out in July).

What are the odds that TWO books about sharks from TWO indie cartoonists would come out in one year?

Johnson’s tale is a parable based on Hawaiian folklore, featuring a mythic Shark King and his illegitimate child.


Dembicki’s tale is more of a “Real Life Adventure” about sharks, great reefs, and so on.


Shark Week comes but once a year, but it can last all year long with one of these fine books.


  1. Thank you for the mention!
    Scratchie, that would be excellent! I’ve started a ‘Xoc’ blog–http://xocing.blogspot.com–where I post shark-related items. A few friends also publish shark-related comics that I will be mentioning there soon.