Here’s a brief burst of non SDCC news: Noah Berlatsky announced that The Hooded Utilitarian blog is going on hiatus:

Hey all. I wanted to tell you that HU is going on semi-hiatus, at least for the summer, and possibly for good. We’ll see what happens, but my family is moving in the next couple months, which is taking up a lot of time. In addition, for my own writing, I’m trying to focus on developing my Patreon and on writing ebooks. I’m not sure either of those projects are ever going to be self sustaining, but I’d like to give it a fair shot—and I don’t feel like I can do that if I’m also trying to keep the blog going.

This space won’t go dark completely; I’ll continue to post the Saturday roundups every week. And I’m sure I’ll have the occasional thing I want to say that I can’t place anywhere else which will end up here. But there won’t be daily posts or guest posts, at least for a while.

I had a fraught relationship with Hooded U, as did most comics peeps in my circle. They ran a lot of sharp if debatable criticism and analysis by folks like Qiana Whitted an Ng Suat Tong, and were way ahead of the curve on looking at comics in terms of identity and marginalized groups, but also ran some clearly trollish pieces, self-absorbed navel gazing and Berlatsky himself never let the facts get in the way of an attention grabbing opinion.

Still, I’m sad to see an outlet go away. Even if, in a final, self-absorbed tweet, Berlatsky announced the news during Comic-Con, the biggest comics event of the year which even people like Tom Spurgeon attend, and then wondered why no one noticed:


  1. I was rather surprised to see NB refer to your estimation of his work as a “dig.”

    I might not agree with you on many things, HMD, but what you wrote above is a straightforward assessment, period.

    I’m the one who ought to complain, not getting either digs or assessments from THE BEAT.

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