comics_by_comixology_logo_black_text_low_res.jpgEvery month, AppData releases a list of the top-grossing apps for the iPad, and once again
comics apps lead the pack for the book category. Predictably, comiXology is at the top, but it’s followed closely by DC, Marvel, and The Walking Dead. The chart represents purchases made THROUGH an app, not sales of an app itself — all of the above are free to download the app.

Tuesday November 22, 2011

1. Comics Comics
2. DC Comics DC Comics
3. Marvel Comics Marvel Comics
4. Peek-a-Zoo – by Duck Duck Moose Peek-a-Zoo – by Duck Duck Moose
5. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
6. Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book
7. Bible+ Bible+
8. The Walking Dead The Walking Dead
9. Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race
10. NIV Bible NIV Bible

In addition to the widely heralded fact that comiXology is consistently the top grossing app OVERALL every Wednesday, it also fares pretty well on the general chart, coming in at #38 behind such things as Pages, Easter Bunny Oversleepm and the unstoppable force that is Pet Tap Hotel.

It’s not entirely clear how AppData goes about compiling this data — it’s not like Apple hands out numbers all over the place. There is more info in the form of rather stark charts at the app page for comiXology and all the other apps in the chart but we’re not sure what they are saying.

However real this metric is, it does back up the fact that there’s a pretty good audience of people who like to read comics on tablets — no wonder Amazon and B&N were eager to have comics apps front and center on the new Kindle Fire and Nook.


  1. I know this is a great thing for Comixology to hang their hat on, but really how many other apps have a recurring source of in-app sales? Especially since Apple altered the terms to drive out amazon and b&n from selling their ebooks in-app.

    Also, I don’t believe Apple counts their iBooks, iTunes, or other iSales as in-app sales.

    So, again, great for comixology. Great that digital comics are being sold in significant number. But when you bake down the numbers, Comixology is the biggest app willing to give 30% of their profits to Apple.

    I think the bigger story to note and see if it is a weekly trend is DC digital outperforming Marvel, although we don’t know what sales go through the Comics Comics app itself.

  2. Of course the DC and Marvel apps are actually by Comixology too. Not sure who does the Walking Dead app…

    Comixology have been great for us; we’ve racked up over 111,000 downloads of our webcomic Valentine just via their app alone.

  3. “I know this is a great thing for Comixology to hang their hat on, but really how many other apps have a recurring source of in-app sale?”

    As a developer, I’ve seen a number of game companies recommend switching from a paid games, to a free game with in-app purchases, as for many it’s been a more profitable business model. That said, all these games have purchases spread through out the week, rather than one day.

    Also over in the Android Market, comiXology is the 9th top grossing app overall today:
    Meanwhile Marvel is at 21st and DC is at 35th of top grossing apps.

    Android has also has a Comics section, but all these apps are in the free category and show how many new people are downloading the app rather than sales. That said, comiXology, DC and Marvel are all on the top of the Comics download chart as well, so that shows they are still getting new readers.