The last New York show of the year is on its way with Comic Arts Brooklyn taking place November 8-9th and this year the festival will be associated with several art shows and exhibits which all pretty top notch, including a very rare appearance by Julie Doucet, an Al Jaffee art show, a repurposed animation cel show and an exhibit of work by the Finnish collective Kutikuti. All FREE! Here’s all the dates and times:



– Julie Doucet collages at Desert Island

In a rare U.S. appearance, Julie Doucet will travel from Canada to attend an exhibit of her recent collages. Doucet’s edgy comics work has had a tremendous impact on younger cartoonists. These days she has been making prints and collages, most of which have not been seen in the States. This exhibit is a rare opportunity for Doucet’s fans to see what she has been up to.

Opening on Thursday, November 6th, 7 to 9 PM at Desert Island.

540 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211



– Al Jaffee at Scott Eder Gallery

Nonagenarian, Al Jaffee, created the MAD Magazine Fold-In back in 1964 and he has never stopped making them. Generations of readers who have been amused and amazed by this continually inventive feature will be equally impressed by his mind-blowing original art. These highly detailed gouache paintings are painstakingly rendered with a density that the printed page cannot replicate. If you think you know Jaffee’s work, get ready: this show will be a revelation.

Opening on November 7th, 7 to 9 PM at Scott Eder Gallery

18 Bridge St 2-I Brooklyn, NY 11201


Wizard Skull


– Wizard Skull “Re-Animator” at the Cotton Candy Machine

Animation cels from your favorite childhood cartoons are no longer safe!  The artist known as Wizard Skull got his hands on original animation cels used to create television cartoons such as The Smurfs, Garfield, He-Man, Alvin and the Chipmunks, etc., and alters the cels by inserting new characters and bringing the old cels to life with new meaning.

Wizard Skull is an artist living in Brooklyn NY. You may have come across his work on one of the hundreds of skateboards he has designed for companies all over the world, or seen his Sexy Ronald drawing wheat pasted all over Brooklyn.

Opening on November 9th, 7-11 PM at The Cotton Candy Machine

235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211



– Kutikuti at Wayfarers Gallery

Kutikuti are a group of artists from Finland who are travelling here for the expressly for the festival. The Wayfarers Gallery is opening its doors and standing back for a completely unpredictable installation. This group of studio-mates who make art, publish comics, and teach, are predictably unpredictable. This installation will be a once in a lifetime happening. As they Kutikuti like to say, “Dig it!”

Opening Sunday, November 9th, 6 to 9 PM at Wayfarers Gallery

1109 DeKalb Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221