You will occasionally hear Rick Veitch’s name spoken around Stately Beat Manner in reverential tones, particularly for his superhero deconstructions, Brat Pack  and Maximortal.  (For that matter, Our Army @ Love was massively under-appreciated.)  IDW has announced they’re remastering and re-issuing one of Roarin’ Rick’s earlier works.  Before Bratpack, right before he joined Alan Moore on Swamp Thing, Veitch did a cold war-themed superhero deconstruction titled The One for Marvel’s creator-owned Epic imprint.

Veitch is supervising the recoloring of the series, the first issue of which will ship in February.

Official PR follows:

 Rick Veitch’s The One has been called the last word on superheroes. IDW Publishing is proud to present a newly remastered version of this groundbreaking series, with completely new coloring that has been overseen by Veitch.

The One is a world-spanning, continent-crushing, over-the-top adventure story that brings the United States and Russia to the brink of annihilation… from both nuclear warheads and crazed superheroes-run-amok! Originally published in the mid-80s during the height of tensions between American capitalism and Soviet era communism, The One depicts a nation on the brink of World War III, presenting a shocking worldview which very much mirrors today’s hostile political climate.

The One grew out of two things: my fear of a possible nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and my deep conviction that the genre of superheroes had a lot of room to develop and mature,” said writer/artist Veitch. “Revisiting the series, done in 1984 while the Cold War was still raging, I’m ruefully surprised how relevant the story is to our current volatile situation.”

This classic deconstruction of superheroes predates both Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, paving the way for more challenging superhero stories of its ilk to emerge throughout the decade and beyond.

The extended length debut issue will be packed with 30 pages of story and go on sale this coming February.


  1. “Puzz Pundles”? Did they just change the name of Rick Grimes’ “Puzz Fundles” for some reason or are they using a different backup for some other reason?

  2. Now that pretty much everyone has been clued in on how great Gruenwald’s “Squadron Supreme” was, this is the next amazing comic that needs all the eyeballs.


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