Clickwheel has been around for a bit as the first company to attempt to take advantage of comics on the iPod. While it hasn’t been maing many headlines lately, it does have some recent updates in regards to the new generation of iPods:

In the wake of Apple’s new iPod line, Clickwheel, the site for creating and distributing comics to iPod and iPhone, is proud to unveil a brand new look as well as added features and content at, including community tools and exclusive online content featuring 2000AD’s flagship character, Judge Dredd.

The new Clickwheel front page features an updated look, a built-in player for viewing content on your computer and new features for registered users including: bookmarking tools that alert users when their favorite comics have been updated, a listing of the top ten downloaded features daily and those most recently updated and added, and rating and tagging tools to help both readers and creators enjoy and share their comics.

Among these comics are three pieces exclusive to Clickwheel. For users new to the concept of comics on the iPod we have part two of Colin White’s Comics on small Screens, a series exploring the possibilities of creating comics in this new medium. Clickwheel is also the exclusive home of a new series from the creators of the phenomenally popular webcomic, Brat-Halla called Random Encounters. True to its name, Random Encounters is an RPG/Fantasy driven comic packed with action and humor for fans of any genre. Both of these comics are available as iPod/iPhone formatted comics ready for download, or as PDFs that can be viewed on any PC or iPhone.

Finally, it has been on the wish-list since Clickwheel joined forces with Rebellion/2000AD, but wish no more because Judge Dredd has come to Clickwheel. Judge Dredd: Fifty Year Man is now available online only at Clickwheel, and is sure to please new and old fans of one of comics’ most enduring characters. Fifty Year Man is available for download as an iPod comic, a PDF, or as a Clickwheel video animatic, playable on your iPod, or on your PC via Clickwheel’s homepage player.

These exclusive pieces are in addition to recently commissioned exclusives from Joe Loves Crappy Movies, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, and 2000AD’s Ten Seconders. In the coming year, Clickwheel will be continuing to commission a limited amount of exclusive work from the best independent creators out there. If you’d like to be considered, email a pitch for your comic to tim ’at’

In addition to new content, Clickwheel is now offering a new type of content in our comic trailer functionality. At the top of the right hand panel on the Clickwheel home page you will find a trailer button that will prompt a list of trailers and previews for various print and web comics currently available on the site. This is only the beginning of this feature and we plan to build a one-stop source for previews of all the hottest upcoming comics, much like Apple’s Quicktime page is for movies. Clickwheel trailers can be either PDF or movie files and if you’d like to have your trailer featured at Clickwheel, simply email the file to tim ’at’ and we’ll happily post it for you with no additional steps.

This is just the beginning of what Clickwheel has planned for 07 and 08, and we look forward to offering additional tools and features to help pros and independents alike create and promote their work to the iPod generation.

For more information, we have completely rewritten our FAQ to include in-depth guides to creating comics for iPod, and if you’d like to chime in, we’d love to hear from you in our new forum.

For more information or press inquiries, contact tim ‘at’