200710161244Smallville starlet Christina Milian reveals she would love to play Wonder Woman because she’s just a fan like the rest of us.

“I used to want to work in comics,” Milian revealed. “I wanted to be an illustrator. I wanted to write books, and mostly, I wanted to write ‘Justice League.’ I still have the comic books I collected from that.”

Her love for superheroes is what led her to go for a part on “Smallville,” airing October 25. In the episode “Action,” Milian plays an actress filming on the troubled set of “Warrior Angel,” a movie based on a comic book in the Smallville-verse. Her part is an in-joke for comics fans, because her character’s presence is a continuity error (“People get very upset because she wasn’t in the comic at that point in time”) and because the movie she’s filming has lots of parallels to Superman’s story.


  1. Jasmin St. Claire is the hottest fan girl. She posed for the cover art of Cocktails In The Cantina, a lounge album covering various Star Wars music. And I think she wrote some adult comics for Revolutionary.
    Not familiar with Ms. Milan. I will need to do some research before formulating an opinion…

  2. Not so sure if Jasmin is a fan. She’s very happy to please all her fans. I think her hubby/boyfriend(?) was a pro-wrestler, so she’s not afraid of the geekdom, but there was a point in time where all the big porno stars did some comicy things, even though I doubt some of them could’ve picked one out at a store.

    Anyways, back to post. That is one AMAZING picture!!! O.O