Eyelids Blog§ Animation and comics writer/editor Anne Bernstein is blogging and posting some illos. It’s called Buzzdome Blog. Anne also has a site where she sells eclectic books for eccentric people called oddBooks that some may find of interest.

§ 30 Days of Night Artist Ben Templesmith is blogging for Powell’s Books, and it looks to be an engaging read.:

Now, I also have the good fortune to be staying with the director of the film, after somehow convincing David Slade I am indeed some kind of sane individual that won’t murder him or his family in the night. I don’t know, call him an optimist if you will. I do come from convict stock, after all. Being Mac devotees, and having at least 8 people staying at the same house for the Premiere, the place is going to resemble some sort of Powerbook convention. At its height there’ll be 6 on the one table. That’s a lot of expensive computer.

§ Oh just in under the wire, former Wildstorm Executive Editor Scott Dunbier joins the ranks of bloggers with the first in, hopefully, a series of funny stories about the industry, this one involving Gil Kane.

About 10 years ago WildStorm and Dark Horse Comics agreed to do a WildC.A.T.s/Aliens X-Over, it was to be the first of several such events featuring various properties (the others never happened, can’t remember why). One of my goals was that this should be a book with lasting effects, unlike the usual cross-company epics that come and go and mean nothing. Since Warren Ellis was wrapping up his run on Stormwatch, before diving into The Authority, I thought it would be an interesting idea to kill off a large portion of the remaining Stormwatch characters, the ones that wouldn’t be moving on to the new book (For those unfamiliar with either series, The Authority sprang from Stormwatch, or what was left of it).