Tweets and blog posts made it clear over the weekend, but Pantheon Books has spelled out what Chris Ware told attendees of the CPAP meeting in Chicago. Building Stories his highly anticipated new book, will be a boxed set of small volumes. Or as tweeter Kathleen Dunley put it:

And here are more pictures:



BUILDING STORIES comes out in October and it’s certain to be at the top of the list for graphic novel readers — and for those who want to give a beautiful, unique book as a Christmas gift.


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE the chapters of Building Stories we’ve received so far and I was already really looking forward to the collection. But this is just….OMG! So cool!!!

  2. I see the cover of the previously released volume on the screen there. Don’t tell me this is going to include a copy of the very same book? That would take up pretty much half of a box that size.

    Not that it would stop me from buying it like crazy.

  3. Lovely! Chris Ware can do no wrong, in my book. Every year when a new Ware book comes out, it’s better than Xmas for me.

  4. Felt Duchamp’s Box in the Valise was always a great idea and Ware has given it a current, graphic sensibility and purpose – now if it included a mini replica of one of the objects in the stories… omg.

  5. The only complaint I have is Chris works really large, his artwork is really detailed, but he most often packages it in a greatly reduced size. It’s almost like he;s saying, “If I make this really small maybe no one will notice it.”

  6. I was at this Jack White concert tonight and thinking about how he makes his vinyl art objects. It’s not only the content that’s art; the packaging is, too. Chris Ware is doing the same thing. It’s pretty cool. We’re living in an interesting time for art.

  7. Does it come with a loaded revolver so you can end your suffering after reading Chris Ware’s horribly depressing stories? Beautiful stuff, but never cheerful.