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He’s renounced working for corporate comics.

And he’s moved to Portland, OR.

So what’s next for writer Chris Roberson?

It’s looks like it’s something called Monkeybrain Comics. And it will be announced on July 2nd.






As we noted when Roberson walked away from writing for DC, he already has a history as an award-winning publisher and editor—so starting up his own comics company shouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Based on the teaser art by Dennis Culver, Tim Doyle, Matthew Dow Smith, Nick Brokenshire and Grace Allison, you can make your own guess as to the lineup.


  1. Glad to see another Indie is waving its flag on “Independents Day!” CO2 Comics is gearing up for our third celebration to intentionally coincide with the July 4th holiday which we had chosen as the anniversary of our rebirth from the ashes of Comico as an independent publisher.

    It would be great if the entire industry would jump on board and make “Independents Day” as significant an event as Free Comic Book Day. There are a lot of great independent publishers out there that have fought a long uphill battle for creator’s rights and an alternative to the usual superhero fare. What better time is there to recognize the triumphs of their efforts than the day we celebrate America’s independence. I know we’ll be celebrating with some exciting news.

    Best of luck to Chris and Monkeybrain Comics, welcome to the ongoing revolution!