Chris and Laura Samnee are teaming up with Oni to bring us a brand new all-ages comic, Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters. The new ongoing series will tell the story of Rainbow and the titular Jonna as they embark on a quest to find their missing father.

This news, coupled with the recent Fire Power announcements from Skybound, have me incredibly excited as a Chris Samnee fan. Ever since concluding his Captain America run with Mark Waid back in 2018, my eyes have kept to the horizon, hopeful for news of Samnee’s return to comics. If you told me a year ago that in 2020 we’d be seeing two Samnee-drawn books, both completely different genres no less, then I simply wouldn’t have believed you.

On what inspired him to create a comic aimed at younger readers he said, “Reading books like Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in SpaceJudd Winnick‘s Hilo series and Jeff Smith‘s Bone with our kids really lit the fire under me to get started making something of my own. I’ve always had the urge to do something creator-owned, but seeing how much the kids were enjoying these comics made me want to make something I could share with them. Ultimately we wanted to create a book that we could read with our children but something that would appeal to adults as well — and give me a chance to draw some monsters!”

Samnee is partnering yet again with master colourist Matthew Wilson (DaredevilMighty Thor) and letterer Crank! (Undiscovered Country).

Here’s Oni’s description of the series:

Exploring the drive and boundaries of rebuilding a family after disaster strikes, Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters follows a tag-team of brawn and brains as two sisters, Rainbow and Jonna, strike out into the unknown on a hunt for their missing father, who was taken a year before. Battling a treacherous territory as the planet around them mysteriously dries up, Rainbow and Jonna will have to combat monsters as they struggle to rediscover their trust and sisterly bond after a year of separation, they struggle to find people in this new world they can trust to help them along the way.

Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters hits stores this June, and is an ongoing aimed at ages eight and up. Oni describes it as a “middle reader adventure series.” Check out some cover art below.