Bad Idea, a publisher whose name is in part about how non-conventional (and possibly bad) its distribution plans are, will expand from 20 to 50 stores at launch, citing a surprising amount of interest from retailers.

Indeed, when Bad Idea announced its existence a couple weeks back, it did so noting that it would self-distribute its books to 20 carefully-vetted retailers when it launched. The idea, the creators of the new publisher told The Beat (and a the handful of other comics media outlets they spook with), was two-fold. First, they wanted to start small and expand to more of the country, much like a platforming movie that opens in LA and New York to create buzz before easing into wider distribution. Second, Bad Idea was planning to send all its comics out itself, rather than go through the established distribution mechanisms offered by Diamond.

The goal, they added, was to eventually get to 50 retailers by the end of 2020. Well, apparently Bad Idea underestimated the capacity of people to get really excited and want to be a part of bad ideas, because today at ComicsPRO they announced they were going to start with 50 when their first comic hits shelves in May.

Here’s a bit from the press release, which also features some new info about their future distribution plans, namely that this is just the beginning and they will continue adding new stores to their plans on a rolling basis throughout the year:

Moreover, all ComicsPRO stores in attendance at this weekend’s event will be eligible to register on site, provided they agree to the criteria and rules for participation outlined in the release below.  And, if they do, they’ll be handsomely rewarded with a 60% discount and free shipping on Bad Idea orders — some, if not the best, retailer terms anywhere in the comics industry.

If we wind up with more than 50 stores, some might be moved to the next subsequent “wave” of additions, but this is just the beginning – Bad Idea will continue to add retailers to its destination store program on a rolling basis throughout 2020.