Former Marvel spokesperson Chris D’Lando didn’t take too long to find a new gig. As he tweeted yesterday, he’s joined the ReedPOP team; ReedPop being the outfit that puts on NYCC, C2E2, PAX, and various shows around the world.

As he explained in a later tweet’ D’Lando will be working on content (i.e. programming etc) for C2E2, the Chicago based show that had a big surge upwards this year. IT’s also where D’Lando met he new monkey friend, shown above, so you know, memories.

A lot of publishers returned to C2E2 for the first time in years due to DIamond holding their summit there, and they mostly liked what they saw. I can see the show – which will never ever sell out due to the immense size of McCormack PLace – growing to become a major stop on the comics tour; having a key team member like D’Lando aboard ahould help with that. So congrats to all!


  1. 80,000 fans attended last April.
    It’s a large show, with lots of space (only 3/4 of the South Hall is used), and an impressive artist alley.

    Talking with pros at BookExpo / BookCon this weekend, McC is a large convention center that’s easy to move around in, unlike Javits (confusing) and Orlando (expansive).

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