Colleen Doran has moved her blog to a redesigned site and will be running A DISTANT SOIL as a webcomic:

Welcome to the new A Distant Soil webcomic. We’ll be posting comic book pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as updating info about all of Colleen Doran’s other works, and posting important information about creators’ rights.

Click on the About A Distant Soil page above for more information about this series. At our SHOP page, you can order A Distant Soil graphic novels as well as other books by Colleen.

Thanks for stopping by. Your support of this website helps Colleen Doran create her work. Please forward this link to your friends, and subscribe to the webcomic by clicking the above link.

Doran’s old blog is vapor, but she’ll be reposting popular informational posts on agents, insurance, time management, and so on.