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Meet the Elite Beat Squad winds up this week with Aaron Humphrey, our official intern, who puts together the events chart, posts quotes, and is gradually working on things like updating our sidebar. A masterless ronin who wanders the world while blogging about it, Aaron is currently back in the States looking for permanent work and though we’d be sad to lose such a great part of the team, we will vouch for his bona fides. Also, if you have an event for our calendar, email him at humphrey.aaron at with the “event for Beat” in the title — if you want to be added to the sidebar links, email him with “Links for Beat” in the title. Just today, Aaron cleaned up the pages sidebar and now you can just click for videos or PR or other topics we’ll soon be adding. That’s what we call service!

Name: Aaron S. Humphrey, Esquire

Residence: Nomadic. I just left Australia to return to the United States after a year of traveling abroad.

Occupation: Freelance writer & public relations hack.

Elite Beat Squad Codename: Ranger Bravo


The first comic book you ever remember reading: Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #9

Three favorite graphic novels: Maggie the Mechanic, Bone, The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck

Three favorite active cartoonists: Brian O’Malley, Kevin Huizenga, Paul Pope

Three favorite dead cartoonists: George Herriman, Carl Barks, Osamu Tezuka

Favorite musical act: Sleater-Kinney

Name a movie that made you cry: The animated Persepolis adaption made me misty-eyed. So did that Sisterhood of the Magical Pants movie, though.

Name a movie that made you laugh: Most recently, Steamboat Bill Jr., with Buster Keaton.

In my spare time I like to: Travel the world and stay in hostels. Skateboard. Play pub poker. Work on my yo-yo skillz. Read! Learn!

Betty or Veronica? I’ve never understood why anyone would choose a materialistic skank over true-blue Betty.

World of Warcraft or City of Heroes? umm… Bubble Bobble!

Lost or 24? errrr… I’ve only seen one episode of each of these shows, and I threw my hands up in frustration both times. 24 had more cool explosions though. I haven’t had a television for most of the last five years.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Dang. Disease? Starvation? Trying to make a joke out of this question?

Blogging — boon to mankind or a clear and present danger? Those in the trenches are not best equipped to judge the merit of their fight — all we can do is battle onward and hope sanity prevails in the end.

In five years comics will be… Even better than they are now, and probably either on the Internet or in really sharp-looking books.


  1. Well … there are plenty of countries where it would be a lot worse to be working for little to no money. And it helps to know that I’m in good company with so many other talented people out there looking for full-time work … though it would be nice if we weren’t all trying to get the same three jobs.
    Times are tough for everyone, but I count myself fortunate in a lot of ways and don’t feel like I have any grounds to complain.

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