Vesswitch1It’s true! He kicks off with a set report from the STARDUST movie:

None of the designs look quite like my original drawings but are never the less very satisfying in their own right. Much as if they were from an alternative world of Stardust just slightly over to the left from my own. After seeing some 35 minutes of raw footage from the film I was blown away. In the rushes were equal amounts of adventure, humor and downright terror. Michelle makes for a very, very scary Witch Queen and Clare is a lovely transformed fallen star. Charlie Cox (Tristran) evolves from lovable nerd to hero as naturally as if he were born for the role. I think (big sigh of relief) that it could very well be a lovely movie. Come next March we will all know.

BONUS: go here for a sneak of Vess’s illos for Susannah Clarke’s THE LADIES OF GRACE ADIEU collection.