And another promo stunt gone awry is on the books :

Two local artists whose guerrilla marketing stunt caused a day of bomb scares in the Boston region — and then fueled public outrage by appearing to make light of the incident — apologized in court yesterday as prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against them.

As part of a plea agreement, Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, both of Charlestown, had already performed 80 hours and 60 hours of community service, respectively, at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, where they used their artistic talents to design a mural for a waiting area.

In their statements to the judge before he approved the settlement, both Berdovsky and Stevens said that they had no idea that the marketing campaign would cause a scare.


  1. Note: NEVER advertise in Boston!!

    Glad they were not jailed for such a silly thing.

    Boston law enforcement scares me how much this apparently Devestated them psychologically and logistically.

  2. I have to agree…. scary indeed.
    But glad they got community service by painting a mural. If only more creative sentencing like this could be used more often. Hell, I’d go scare Boston myself if it means they’ll fund my mural!

    Perhaps Paris Hilton could get a deal like this? Hahah!
    God knows what she’d paint.

  3. “… both Berdovsky and Stevens said that they had no idea that the marketing campaign would cause a scare.”

    There are few points in the human mindscape where our thoughts – from the doped up hippies to sound-minded professionals to minimum wage simpletons – all converge in one place and we all have the exact same opinion of something.

    This is one of them.

  4. As a native Bostonian, I’m dismayed we have let the terrorists win. However, having seen The Departed several times, I’m sure these men will be greeted by Mark Wahlberg wearing plastic bags on his feet when they return home for swift sweet justice.