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Today is the International Women’s Day in Women’s History Month. I was working on a big old post on all sorts of recent gender related topics but…it will have to wait.

Instead, I’ll shore my little Pinterest board I have called “Women in Comics.” Like my Broke Back tumblr,, this is just a hobby site for me, I do it in my spare time, maybe when I’m web surfing, or watching TV. But like the late Friends of Lulu “Women Doing Comics Wall” it serves as a nice little reminder, to me anyway, that whenever I hear those “But women can’t do this” and “Women don’t do that!’ and “There are no women in England!” nonsense, it is just that. Nonsense. I just started it, and have a couple thousand artists and writers to go, so it’s a bit overwhelming, but it’s a fun overwhelming.

In January and February of this year women drew the regular monthly issues of Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Hulk and Conan. And no one said it was affirmative action. If I showed this to female artists in 1986 or 1967 they would have stood up and cheered.

I know I say this all the time, but instead of dreaming of some longed for day of equality that remains far in the future after long struggle, let’s praise and ratify everyone who is doing it right now. If success is always in the future, it never arrives.


  1. Say, I remember that Lulu “Women Doing Comics” wall. :)

    I’m so glad I’m not maintaining that any more. There are SO many women doing comics now, it takes entire websites (and Pinterest boarfds, whatever those are) to cover women now!! Sometimes, it almost feels like… parity.