captain canuck

In honor of the occasion, IDW is releasing a CAPTAIN CANUCK collection.





y the last man pia guerra

shirtless kirk spock


  1. Richard Comely and George Freeman– Captain Canuck. I used to love those comics as a kid, I re-read them recently…still good. Freeman invented some unique coloring techniques for the book as well, it didn’t look or read like anything else out there.

    Seem to remember John Byrne–another Canadian cartoonist– credited Captain Canuck as the inspiration for his Alpha Flight leader, Vindicator…

    Best to all up North today!

  2. Scott:

    That’s just a TINY sampling of the great comics the Great North has to offer! No offense to Scott P. or Bryan! I also left off Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart, Steve Murray, Diana Tamblyn, Derek Mc Culloch, Seth, Willow Dawson, Kathryn and Stuart Immonen and probably about a kabillion others.

  3. Best way I’ve seen to celebrate Canada Day, eh! I share my citizenship with some pretty awesome creators and a pre-girdle Shatner!

    -Bob Musgrave

  4. No, Heidi: You must list ALL Canadian comics artists, writers, editors, fans, comics shop staff! We demand it!

    (JK. I was adding the shout out just ’cause Scott Pilgrim alone would justify the existence of a nation ^__^).

  5. Take away that godawful dinosaur and put Jeff Lemire’s work in it’s place. And Paul, you forgot Fred Varley (although he came to Canada from England but he was part of the Group of 7).

  6. Captain Canuck was like some delicious, undiscovered candy to my 13 year old mind. Still one of my favorite funnybooks.