World traveller, gourmet and beer enthusiast CB Cebulski is moving to an international business development role at Disney/.Marvel. In between tweeting and (in the past) blogging about eating everything from wagyu burgers to porcini larvae, and traveling the globe, Cebulski has filled the role of talent scout and developer at Marvel for years, going to shows from Atlanta to Zagrab to Singapore to somewhere in China I can’t even spell to find comics talent. CEbulski told Bleeding Cool:

I have indeed accepted a new position within Marvel. One that will keep me in NYC, I’m happy to say. But not on fewer planes; I may be traveling even more now. My job has been slowly and naturally shifting away from Publishing, more towards international business development over the years as is, and that’s more of where I’ll be focusing my efforts within the company going forward. I won’t be leaving Publishing totally behind, but working more across all of Marvel’s lines of business from here on out.

One area where I will unfortunately have to pass the baton is talent recruitment. I will no longer be the guy out in the artist alleys at cons looking for pencilers, painters, inkers, colorists and designers. Someone else will soon be stepping into that position. But I’ll still be out there on Twitter offering advice when and where I can and doing my best to help people get their foot in the Marvel door. That’s just something that’s in my blood. I’ve had all my dreams come true by working at Marvel and still want to help others have the same experience.

All the hopeful writers and artists can rest assured, they will be in the most capable of hands. And I’ll be keeping an eye on things, just like the Watcher always… oh, wait…

Over the years, Cebulski’s role increasingly transitioned to working directly on Disney-related matters for Marvel—given his nutty travel schedule I was beginning to wonder of he secretly worked for the CIA—so the move seems like a natural. He definitely help pioneer the idea of comics as a global profession, however, and the many European and Asian artists working at Marvel and elsewhere are proof of the worldwide reach.

I’m so no matter what his role at Marvel, Cebulski will continue to send us food pics from everywhere. And congrats on what sounds like a promotion!



  1. C.B. Cebulski is one of the nicest fellows I met, when more involved with the comics con circuit. Gracious, patient & yet very go-gettin’. It’s only fitting that even better use of his talents. I second the love for his food posts, too. I still dream of meeting up with him & his wife in NYC & going out to dinner. Or maybe him judging a Comic Book Iron Chef, someday.. ;)

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