This morning Tom Spurgeon had the dramatic story of the CCS Library being threatened by a flood. Seen above in more idyllic times, the Charles Schulz LIbrary is part of the Center for Cartoon Studies campus in White River Junction, VT, and as the name suggests, it is located close to a river, which in the Irene aftermath, flooded its banks.


While first reports sounded like the library books had been flooded, it seems that quick and dedicated action by the locals saved all of the books in the library, as reported by founder James Sturm:

Sturm wrote in this morning to give good news. “This area is a mess, but no water got in the library. Not one book lost.” There is, however, serious damage to the old Firehouse that was the library’s home, and Sturm will organize a crew to get the remaining books out of that building today. “So many people offering help and support — very humbling.”

The building may be a loss, however.

Former librarian Jen Vaughn tweeted

12 noon at the Schulz Library! We’re moving books from there to the Telegraph Building temporarily. Hands, cars, dollies are needed.

She also posted this picture of a loose railroad car that was pounding against the library, which is housed in a historic firehouse.


Although inland, the rocky, river-filled landscape of Vermont was flooded with 11 inches of rainwater, leading to overflowing rivers, and cars and bridges swept away, towns covered in mud, and other damages.

The Library and its holdings can be seen in this Flickr set. When news of the flood hit, it hit us hard — the Schulz Library has been our preferred beneficiary of many books over the years. We’re thrilled to hear the collection survived and look forward to making more donations.