final cathy comic strip
The final Cathy comic strip ran today, and it’s a sweet, classy goodbye, with a nod to the generation the strip came from and a look forward with Cathy announcing her pregnancy. We get a little sentimental about this kind of ending — one that hints at the unfolding of a whole new story, but one that will only ever be written in our own imaginations.

In August, creator Cathy Guisewite announced she was ending the strip in order to spend more time with her own daughter.


  1. “We get a little sentimental about this kind of ending — one that hints at the unfolding of a whole new story, but one that will only ever be written in our own imaginations.”

    Not MY imagination. I kept my imagination from even imagining me reading this stupid comic strip. Believe me I never had and never will think about Cathy.

  2. The real question is what comic will replace Cathy as the whipping boy (girl?) for people who still resent the fact that Calvin and Hobbes ended?

    My vote goes to Pluggers.

  3. I suppose if the creator wanted, they/he/she could continue the strip online … just do a monthly comic strip … 12 installments each year ain’t much … but a strip doesn’t have to end any longer unless the cretaive want to walk away.

  4. Cathy’s Mother’s postition is EXACTLY how she reacted when Cathy was finally married to Irving in the Wedding comic. She was on her knees yelling “Hallelujah!” Considering how much she pestered her daughter in marrying and having a baby “before her looks start to go”, she can happily keel over and die now.

    Also, looking closer at Cathy’s stomach, which was always asking for hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles (among other things), her newborn baby’s now filling that position and thinking “Aack.”

  5. I read Cathy sometimes, and it was funny sometimes. The drawings were certainly no worse than some indie comic stuff I’ve seen.

    Now that Cathy is done, I wonder what comic my local newspapers will run in its place.
    Hopefully something new and fresh, not another wretched comic strip about a talking dog, cat or bird.

  6. Sorry, but this soon-to-be grandma (grandson due at the end of the month!) can totally relate to Cathy’s mom in this final strip. My older son is the father. Cathy was never my favorite comic strip, but this final one is great.

  7. Yikes. I always think it’s a bummer that all happily-ever-after endings for women must also include procreation. I have nothing against babies, mind you. I just think that are lots of ways the pre-Tina-Fey haggardly-lovable and independent woman could have found a more inspired way to call it a day, a career and a life.

  8. It’s nice when a comic strip ends because the creator wishes it to.

    When I was a kid I fancied being a comic strip creator. Only a lack of drawing abaility and ideas stood in my way. So well done to Cathy Guisewite and everyone who lived the dream.

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