When Lion Forge (whose sister company, Syndicated Comics, owns The Beat) rolled out their Catalyst Prime universe a little under a year ago, they did so with a line-up of top talent and the promise of a diverse and inclusive world of superheroes that reflects the changing demographics of the real world. Now as it prepares for its second year, there’s growth and some changes coming for the Catalyst Prime line.

The growth comes in the form of Quincredible, a new series written by Mildred Louis (Agents of the Realm) and featuring art by Selina Espiritu (Brave Chef Brianna) and Michelle Wong (Tomboy, Lumberjanes). The series centers on Quinton, a high school student-slash-superhero, and Maya, the mentor who attempts to teach Quinton how to be the best hero he can be, as they face Quinton’s first big challenge since becoming a superhero.

In addition to the new series, there are some behind-the-scenes changes coming for the Catalyst Prime line as well. Carl Reed and David Steward II, the co-founders of Lion Forge, have announced that they will be overseeing the Catalyst Prime line going forward. There are also creative team changes planned for all of the line’s existing half-dozen titles, though details on those changes have not yet been revealed.

Quincredible will be the Catalyst Prime line’s second book with an all-female creative team, and its first comprised of nothing but female people of color. With some of the larger superhero publishers pulling back from diversity both in the content of their books and the creators behind them, it’s clear that the Catalyst Prime line is embracing it and even moving towards greater inclusivity than has already been displayed in their initial line-up.

Check out preview art and designs for Quincredible, as well as the full release about the series and Catalyst Prime’s other changes, below. Quincredible hits store shelves in August 2018.

ST. LOUIS, MO—Just under a year since the Catalyst Prime Universe debuted to much acclaim throughout the landscape of pop culture, Lion Forge unveils the next phase in comics’ most inclusive and diverse group of heroes with the announcement of Quincredible, followed by upcoming creative changes across the line.

Lion Forge co-founders Carl Reed and David Steward II will serve as editorial directors for all current and future titles in the Catalyst Prime Universe.

“Our goal is to show greater differentiation in creative and style among all the titles, as well as adding new series focused on Young Adult and Middle Grade readership,” says Lion Forge CEO and founder David Steward II. “Catalyst Prime came about as part of our promise to produce ‘Comics for Everyone,’ and we want to publish books that cover all genres with inclusive representation across these titles. I think readers still want more unique stories from diverse points of view, and while the market may seem saturated with Marvel and DC, we feel there is room to create something authentic and different.”

“For as long as I can remember, superheroes have been told from the perspective of Marvel or DC,” says COO and co-founder Carl Reed. “I am particularly excited about bringing the Catalyst Prime Universe to our YA imprint and our children’s imprints. The sandbox is expanding, and I am thrilled to be able to explore different approaches to the superhero genre. We seek to tell larger-than-life stories in a new and different way, and we have serious plans for the company and our impact on the industry.”

Lion Forge announces the newest addition to the Catalyst Prime Universe in conjunction with this week’s Diamond Retailer Summit. Written by Mildred Louis, with art by Selina Espiritu and Michelle Wong, Quincredible is set to debut in August.

The series follows Quinton, your average high school sophomore, who also happens to be moonlighting as a superhero. While his fierce bravado may serve him, he’s still in dire need of the discipline to ensure he not only saves the day but minimizes the damage done in the process. Enter Maya, a member of her neighborhood watch, who takes him under her wing to give him a better understanding of the responsibilities of being a hero and what it means to save the day. Quinton’s first real test comes when he faces off with Null, an embittered young man with a vendetta against Foresight Corp. and superheroes at large.

In addition to this brand-new title, Catalyst Prime will see creative changes as the line moves into its second year, with details to be rolled out for each title in the coming weeks.


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