Comic book fans, have you always wanted to represent our clan in the best possible light? Well here is your chance. A Major National Morning News Show is looking for comic book fans to fill their plaza on the morning of Free Comic Book Day. They encourage all ages and would love if people came dressed in costumes. If you are interested and want to attend, please contact [email protected] with the subject line labeled Morning Show.

Okay, now, people…this is your chance! Only wear a costume that really fits you! And guys…please wear a support garment.


  1. this doesn’t sound like a chance to show ourselves in a positive light, this feels like a chance like for the bigger world to laugh at us.

    the bigger spotlight we beg for the our cosplayers and aspies, the more pathetic we seem.

  2. I agree. The best way this could work for us is if everybody shows up clean-shaven, in shape, wearing normal clothes, with maybe a pin or fashionable t-shirt (one purchased in a department store, not at the comic shop) with comics characters on them.

  3. Great Shades of Monty Hall!

    So CBS’ Early Show will be featuring Free Comic Book Day? (The Today Show doesn’t have a Saturday meet-and-greet.)

    You know… the whole craziness on Let’s Make A Deal started when an audience member brought in a sign to get noticed. Soon people were wearing big hats, then costumes.

    So… it’s not you would be WEIRD to dress up to appear on live TV… normal, everyday people have been doing it for decades!

    Now… if you’re dedicated and want to Seduce The Innocent, then make a sign, dress warm, and be in Rockefeller Center by 6 AM for the 7 AM start of Today.

  4. The BEST way for comic fans (and that’s ALL comic fans, not just super hero comic fans) would be for everyone to show up with a comic or two (or graphic novel or two) in hand, sit down and READ.

    This would put the REAL meaning of Free Comic Book Day out to the masses.

  5. Actually, the *BEST* thing to do would be to show up and start handing out $100 bills and free bjs for all. If we’re going to talk about impractical ideas, no better way to get people to like us than sex and money!

  6. Torsten is right when he notes that cameras (and tv hosts) are naturally drawn to people in costumes: it’s visual fun and good tv.

    My suggestions: (1) parents or guardians should see if their kids want to go. Cute kids are great tv. Give them some (age-appropriate) free comics to be visibly enthused about. Costumes would be fine for the kids while adults can find other ways to show/tell hosts that they love comics, too; (2) awesomely artistic hand-made signs are a great way for adults to draw attention to themselves without inviting the mockery of home audiences; and, yes, (3) I encourage fans to represent a wide range of genres.

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