Seeing as it’s April 1st, this cannot be seen as totally verified but at least there’s some nice art to go along with it. Fabio Moon announces that he and Matt Fraction are bringing CASANOVA back as a webcomic:

New Casanova is coming. Starting tomorrow, out of the blue, we’ll be starting the new story arc. IN COLOR. Yes, you read correctly. And it’s going to be online, FOR FREE.


Here at the blog.

We wanted to do it over at, but that was taken. And, hey, it’s the internet, so it’s just a click away, no matter the url.

Matt is back, I’m back and, in time, Bá will be back too. It’s going to be different and exciting. Where will you be tomorrow when it hits?

No print plans announced, but the web-to-print thing would be highly plausible.


  1. If every bloody post on every bloody blog is going to have to hem and haw about April Fools’ day, people just shouldn’t write anything till April 2nd. You’re making the internet completely un-readable, rather than the usual *almost* completely unreadable.