Cartoonists Ted Rall, Matt Bors, and photographer Steven Cloud are in Afghanistan to tell “the people’s story” and send back cartoons. They’ve been uploading them as often as possible using satellite phones.

While Iraq is now at peace, Afghanistan is not such a safe place to be am American these days, as the cartoons sometimes show. Here’s a photo by Cloud of Rall and Bors in local garb. You can follow along on Twitter or on their blogs, here and here.




  1. I’ve been reading thesee and they are just amazing, there’s also a nail biting dread when they don’t update.

  2. “While Iraq is now at peace”… six short glib words that speak volumes about the political ignorance of whoever wrote this piece.

  3. And not wanting to just be negative, it’s great to see more comics as reportage – Rall’s work in Afghanistan I know, I look forward to getting to know Cloud and Bors’ stuff.

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