Marvel/DC comic book artist Dave DeVries is being featured on CBS This Morning tomorrow at 8:45 am E.D.T. for his “The Monster Engine” work. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s a thought provoking series of illustrations that takes children’s drawings of monsters and paints them in a fully detailed fantasy art style. It’s been spun off into books, gallery shows and more.

h/t Denise Dorman


  1. If I was the kid who drew that first pic, I’d probably hate the artists’ rendition. The kid probably didn’t really mean for both of the monsters’ eyes to be on one side of his head, he just didn’t realize he only needed to draw one eye from that angle. “Hey, grownup! Don’t mock me because my art skills haven’t developed!”

  2. If I was the kid who drew that first pic, I’d probably hate the artists’ rendition.


    A kid (or somebody, with issues) might see it that way, but I don’t think that would be healthy or wise.

    DeVries is obviously doing his own interpretations of the initial work and adding quite a bit. The original versions have a vision and integrity of their own – that seems to be the point. If they did not, the second versions would seem to be ridiculing the originals- which to my eyes, they do not.

    DeVries is basically dealing with what he’s been given in exactly the same manner in which free lancers work with initial drawing / layouts / concept drawing created by art directors, film directors, etc.

    I’ve seen shot drawings created by Spielberg and Scorsese that (if memory serves me) seemed no more (or little more) complete or articulate than what the kids created here – and yet those great film directors know what they want and get it.

    DeVries is, while displaying his own particular skills, imparting to these kids a gesture of respect and a clear indication of the power in their hands.

  3. @lew stringer: I remember that Jaffe item. I particularly like the airplane which had some perspective problems.

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