The devastating Santa Rosa fire has cost 23 people their lives, with hundreds missing and casued untold damage. Among the homes destroyed was that of cartoonist/author Brian Fies, best known for Mom’s Cancer. In a series of FB posts, Fies describes leaving his house at 1:15 Am with only a few things, and coming back the next day to find total scorched earth.  He reports that all the original art to Mom’s Cancer and his other book, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow was lost, as was a new graphic novel he was working on. But he managed to save a computer driver with digital copies of the art. He and his wife are safe, however, and he notes that he had insurance.

The home of Jeannie Schulz, widow of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, was also destroyed, taking priceless art and memorabilia with it. The Charles M Schulz Museum was threatened but has survived the fires this far.

Cartoonist Julia Wertz was on tour for her new book Tenements, Tower and Trash but has had to cancel plans so she could go home, as her house and her mother’s house are at risk.

A separate fire in Anaheim has led to spectacular, frightening photos of Disneyland in the middle of an inferno.

Our hearts go our to those who have suffered losses and we continue to keep those still at risk in our thoughts.


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