We’ve seen the upfronts and the webfronts, and basically the pipeline of entertainment that we’ll be complaining about in Twitter over the next 12 month or so has been set up. And a few cartoonsits types have made the jump to multi media.

Lizz Hickey is a very very funny cartoonist, and now she’s made a pilot for the Cartoon Network called Jammers, which you can watch right here. It’s based on her comics—previewed at The Beat many years ago!—about some middle schoolers who get into hijinx. Go watch this pilot and make it the next Cartoon Network show! The original comic was published by Hic and Hoc and you may be able to buy a copy before it goes up in value.

(representative Furie art, not Doble Fried.)

• Also, I don’t think I need to tell you that Matt Furie is another wellspring of hilarity. Landwolf is all I need to say. The Boy’s Club cartoonist has his own pilot in development at Adult Swim, Doble Fried, which follows six carnival freaks running an amusement park on the border of Mexico.

Whether it’s 4:20, beer-thirty, or crazy clown time, these dudes are constantly trying to scam money and score lady lizard honey. It’s a rickety roller coaster ride from the deep fried, clogged heartland of our failure. This quarter-hour animated pilot is created by Matt Furie and produced by PFFR.

There’s also lots more for Adult swim for the Robot Chicken people, the Children’s Hopsital Folks and Christy Karacas of Superjail fame, so suffice to say that the alt.comix influence in animation shows no sign of going away. Given the numebr of cartoonists who make a living in animation I’d say it’s getting more and more prevalent.