Looks like WP crashed for about 12 hours. It’s been acting a bit unstable lately — hence all the double postings. I’m hoping we can get it stabilized next wee. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with WP, feel free to leave them. I’m going to lay off the postings (Except for the TUF recap)to try to keep things on the DL. Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. While I will find it difficult to in without my daily dose, I will distract myself by enjoying the cultural offerings of the City Of Dreams. (gonna celebrate Fleet Week by attending a themed burlesque performance)
    For those poor unfortunate souls who live in less culturally cogniscent communities, I suggest the following three graphic novels which arrived yesterday: 52 Volume 1 from DC, The Eternals by Gaiman and Romita from Marvel, and Hard Boiled by Miller and Darrow from Dark Horse.
    Get well soon, Beat!

  2. thanks Heidi!!! you too!! :)

    btw, it’s hard, web upkeep these days, you just need to keep on top of your server with a proficient and helpful tech person.

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