IDW has announced its latest all-ages book, Canto, along with an exclusive trailer at The Hollywood Reporter. It’s a fantasy book set in a world where clocks exist where hearts should be. The titular main character wants to change that for one person. In his adventures through the world’s darkest corners, he comes across a young girl whose clock was broken irreparably. He takes it upon himself to save the girl by finding her true heart. Creators David Booher (Powerless) and Drew Zucker (The House) say the story found heavy influence in classics like Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal.
“When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of fantasy adventures like Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal,” Booher told THR. “Drew and I wanted to channel that same sense of dark wonder into a brand-new world with Canto as its heart. None of it would have been possible without IDW and our incredible creative team, from Drew’s amazing art to Vittorio’s dazzling colors and Deron’s expert lettering. I can’t wait for readers of all ages to join in Canto’s quest.”
Zucker added, “When David and I started on Canto, we set out to make a true all-ages book. Growing up, Star Wars was a huge influence on me and as I got older and began to tell my own stories, the idea of complex heroes living in dark times who fight against the odds always appealed to me. I think the entire team’s hard work has helped produce a story for everyone that honors that idea.”
Vittorio Astonia, who recently contributed cover art for Maxwell’s Demons #1 and These Savage Shores #3, joins Booher and Zucker as colorist. Deron Bennett (Quixote, Resonant) rounds out the team as letterer.
Although Canto doesn’t arrive until June 26, we’ve got a look at three of the series’ covers and two preview pages. Check it out!
Canto #1
Canto #1
Canto #3