Sequential weighs in with a very lengthy interview with Kevin Boyd, whose move from the Paradise comicon to the Toronto FanExpo has written a new chapter in the long running – but now relatively dormant- fued between the two shows:

In the relatively small world of Toronto comics fandom it is a story of almost Biblical proportions: Kevin Boyd, long-time promoter of the Paradise Toronto Comicon, has left Paradise for arch-rival, Hobbystar Promotions, owner of the Toronto FanExpo.

Boyd, along with Paradise Comics owner Peter Dixon, had been co-promoter of the Paradise conventions since 2002. He announced his move to Hobbystar last month through several online venues.

Boyd’s move came as a surprise to many, given the recent acrimony between Hobbystar and Paradise. Boyd was an active player in these disputes, even going so far as accusing Hobbystar of “aggressive counter-programming tactics” in 2006.

Boyd’s move was being talked about at San Diego, and the piece has tons of background info:

“The two sides met many times last fall to try to resolve something, and while no agreement was reached, we’ve been trying to get along and the conflict has pretty much disappeared and the Paradise Comicon had this year to stand or fall on it’s own without interference. The Stop Hobbystar people closed the blog up in the spring, feeling it had served its purpose. They’ve also worked out their concerns with Hobbystar and will be at the show in August. Most of the industry didn’t like the conflict, but remained neutral in their actions as they saw merit in supporting both.”


  1. Wow, a story about me. This is kind of trippy.

    Well, I had a great time working at the Fan Expo over the last weekend on the comic book event programming and liasing with the comic guests and dealers. The Romita panel and sketch-off on Sunday was one of the most enjoyable events I’ve ever been lucky enough to be involved in.

    As I stated in the interview, this is not an anti-Paradise move. I just reached a point where I could not continue at that level of involvement.

    I wish Peter and his crew at the store all the best and I’ll attend any show he wants to put on in the future.

  2. It just seems hypocritical on Kev’s part to jump from a sinking ship and land on hobbystar’s coattail. For the past 3 or so years, all we’ve heard in the comic community was how bad HobbyStar was and how amazing the Paradise show was when in fact it was a loosing enterprise and the dealer’s were loosing money at Pete’s show, ie: no one would show up at the show. Kev and his Paradise acolytes were badmouthing Aman publicaly and privately (behind his back) on a daily basis. Just remember this Kev, what goes around, comes around.

  3. Maybe it is hypocritical Steve, but that was, ultimately my choice to make — not yours. And for the record STEVE, I have never publicaly stated that the Paradise show was a LOSING enterprise for anyone but ME, nor did I ever state that dealers were LOSING money… that’s a fabrication on your part. As far as I know a lot of dealers have done quite well at Paradise shows over the years, which is why they continue to support them. I have nothing bad to say about the Paradise con. While I would have loved to have continued doing the Paradise con indefinitely, there are specific reasons why I could not do so any further – and those reasons were specifically stated. Yes, I’ve publicly and privately criticized (although I understand that for you criticism = badmouthing). As I said before, some people like yourself equate working for HobbyStar as being anti-Paradise, when in fact all I’ve ever argued for — and Aman knows this as well as anyone — was the peaceful co-existance of both events and that he stop meddling in the Paradise shows – which he did stop doing this year and has no interest in doing further. I said quite clearly in the interview that I had issues with Aman that were worked out enough to my satisfaction, just not to yours.

  4. Also, where did you get the idea that Paradise Conventions was a sinking ship? I’m sure that Paradise itself does well enough from these cons to maintain the continuation of these events, and now there’s less of a pie to have to carve up at the ownership level when it comes to their potential future earnings. It’s Peter’s show completely now. He already has a formula that works for the organisation of the event itself and I’m sure that between the numerous “acolytes” the other jobs will get done. While it is flattering that some people thought that I was essential to that organisation, the reality is that no one is irreplacable in any organisation.

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