Industry watches and fans endured an emotional rollercoaster this week as they followed Mark Millar’s valiant quest to get the chance to write the next Superman movie. While Millar’s assault on Mount Krypton was doomed to failure, according to, another cartoon type is trying to plant his flag on a film franchise; in this case artist/director Kaare Andrews is longing to get his hands on He-Man with a bid to work on the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film. Writes Andrews (Spider-man: Reign):

Where I grew up we didn’t get He-Man on television. We had to rent them on VHS. It made the show special… gave each episode an importance. I watched them mostly when I was staying with my Dad. I’m not sure why. Maybe my Mom didn’t have a VCR yet. I had a lot of the toys. My favorites were Battle Armor He-Man and Battle-Ram. I had He-Man bed sheets. I had the Paninni He-Man sticker book. I bought the comicbooks. My Mom sewed me a He-Man Halloween costume. And when I was supposed to ‘grow out’ of my toys my little brother carried on the tradition. I don’t believe in trying to intellectualize childhood experiences. Obviously it had something to do with power fantasies, imagination and storytelling. But I prefer to think of that time in simple words. Because simple is powerful. And He-Man was the most powerful in the Universe.

In addition doing comics, Andrews has been making short films for a while, directing music videos and even winning a few awards, so this he isn’t coming at this from complete Outer Mongolia. To prove it he put together a video presentation which you can see in the above link.


  1. Superman Returns was directed by a person who was emotionally attached to Superman II.
    Should this serve to caution studios to avoid those who are a bit too eager to write a screenplay? How soon before a writer pulls an Annette Benning?


    So why does Kaare Andrews wants to get his hands on the film project?
    he could be learning to direct during his making short films and writing comic books in his career.
    So Andrews wants to make the He-Man movie but I don’t know if this is going to be some rumour.
    I hoping if Warner Bros would sign Travis Fimmel up so he would become a A-list actor to play He-Man.
    Fimmel looks apart as He-Man for the role maybe Chris Hemsworth another Australian actor could play the part,lets find out who plays He-Man
    in the future.
    Thank You.