As you may recall, I lost my camera at this year’s SPX. Soon after, Jen Vaughn, bless her heart, started a fund raising drive to buy me a new camera, and — mostly I’m sure because of Jen’s enthusiasm — folks had donated about enough for a more than decent digital camera. I remain profoundly touched by people’s generosity, and strive to pay this kindness forward in as may ways as I can. But anyway, I thought for the folks who donated their money, and for anyone who wants to know about buying a new camera, I would give an update on the disbursement of the funds.

I had hoped to go get a new camera before NYCC, but there literally wasn’t time and I wanted to do some research to figure out the best camera to get. After some research I think I’m set on the Canon Powershot SX210IS, which is the latest update of the kinds of feature set that the lost camera possessed. I’ve read some reviews that have some complaints about the ergonomics of this model, but I’ve always purchased Canon Powershots, and they have always fit all my programmable, low-light needs. Plus, it’s purple.

Honestly, there are probably slightly better cameras in this price class, but I’m lazy and yes, I went with this one mostly because it’s purple, and I’m less likely to lose it.

OH yeah one other thing, I am usually very religious about downloading all my old pictures, but for some reason I now find out that I hadn’t done it in months, and lost 100s of pictures from Heroes Con, family events and more. Very sad. So…the moral is…BACK UP, BACK UP! and then BACK UP some more!


  1. Glad you’re finding a good replacement camera, Heidi. Hubby has a related problem; he’d download all his photos and then DELETE them from his camera. When his computer crashed a few months ago, he lost EVERYTHING from the past 8 years. Same lesson: Back up, back up, back up. Now that we have a grandson (born 8 days ago!), I told him he has to save and back up EVERYTHING; don’t want to lose these photos!

  2. Good thing all that time and effort went to a good cause like feeding the homeless or getting someone who clearly has the means to buy their own camera a…you know…camera.

  3. Aw, dammit. I didn’t know anything about this. I’m away from my computer at the moment, but I’m going to chip in some cash tomorrow and you can buy a memory stick or something with it. This is really cool! I finally get to contribute to something nice for you! ^_^

  4. I’m a big fan of Olympus’ ultrazoom line, but this looks like a good one, especially if you’re less demanding than I am about manual override and such. The important thing is that it has a real optical zoom lens, rather than “digital zoom” which is (no better word for it) a lie.

  5. P.S. You can never back-up too often. Copy photos from your camera to your computer every time you use the camera. If your files exist in only one place you are asking to lose them. If you have a computer with backup capabilities built into it (like Mac OS X’s Time Machine) use it. If you don’t, buy something to do it for you.