Beat pal and writer Adri Cowan writes to say she’s collecting kid-friendly comics to donate to the Boston Children’s Hospital and other Boston hospitals following the horrific events in Boston this week.

So far, I’ve received generous donation inquiries from local comic shops like Larry’s Comics and publishing companies IDW and First Second Books (Macmillan) as well as other individuals with kiddie-appropriate books to give, and they keep rolling in — I will update them on my blog as they do.

I will be dropping off donations to the hospitals on the morning of Wednesday, April 24, and any publishers, shops or individuals who would like to send kid-friendly books only

(by the deadline of April 23) can refer to this post on my blog with details on how to give: HappyBlogtime.com

Good comics, good cause, do a little spring cleaning.


  1. One suggestion:
    (Two, actually)

    Gather up some artists from the con, and have them visit children in the hospital. Supply the artists with a sketchpad and Sharpies. (And maybe some tissues, for those artists who suffer from “allergies”. )

    If this is successful (and I hope it is!), start book drives at every show across the country! Team up with the local children’s hospital!

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