Callista Brill (l), and Gina Gagliano

Via PW’s Job Moves column,  news that First Second has upped two of the hardest working people in comics publishing. Calista Brill has been promoted to editorial director, from executive editor; and the indispensible Gina Gagliano associate director for marketing and publicity, from marketing and publicity manager.

UPDATE: per this tweet, Kiara Valdez has been promoted to Assistant Editor.

Brill is one of the key editors in comics, overseeing many of First Second’s award winning and bestselling books, including  Spinning, This One Summer and dozens more. She’s a powerhouse with vision.

As for Gagliano, as we recently pointed out, she’s one of the actual Power 100 players in comics, a behind the scenes mover, shaker, advocate and activist whose work with the library market, in particular, has helped graphic novels become 6% of the book market.

In short, two of comics’ best (and nicest, I have to say) have just gotten well-deserved promotions.

The Great Comics Readjustment of 2018 continues!


  1. This is fantastic news! Seriously well-deserved promotions for Gina and Calista have invested so much passion, energy and intelligence. First Second has set an incredible standard for publishing.

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